A whisper; like whiskey and silk-satin

Thread Tracking, Attempt #1
Shadows of Dark Nights
Adam Campbell / Michael - Wing Meme

2014!Cas / Michael - Snow Meme 
2014!Cas / Michael - Dreams Meme 
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2014!Cas / Michael - Wing Meme
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Of Kisses and Small Spaces
Shadows on my Lips
[Continued from here.]

[Michael moves to Cas' urging, watching the man with a crinkled brow as he tries to understand what's going on.  Michael had never really been anywhere where he might have been exposed to this sort of behavior.  Oh, sure, he was acquainted with the fact that Nathan indulged in sex and other sorts of hijinks, but he'd left himself rather unaware of the particulars about parties and hookups, even if he'd walked in on Nathan in the midst of the act on a few occasions.

He still didn't really get it; it hadn't been his focus at the time.

There are words voiced in between laughter, about how the time doesn't start until they do.  Michael is still utterly baffled at the situation and the implications of the women outside the door goes completely over his head.]

Why are we being restrained inside a closet?  I do not comprehend the benefit of this.

[Admittedly, the girls in question hadn't realized the fact that involving Michael in this game was going to fast turn it from a quick seven minutes of fun and into awkward confusion about kisses.]


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